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2 out of 3 of the 1st Respondents (to 9/11) were catholics.


0sin 2016

I’m back. And motivated for this beautiful New Year.
0sin (pronounced oh-seen), has been my battlecry since i was a protestant. It has long been my desire to live up to this lofty ideal that only our Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy Mother have truly embodied in humanity; without sin—perfect—Zero sin.
If you feel it more than just ‘missing the mark’ (the definition of sin), to fail to regularly update your blog then you’re not surprised at my being far from the most pious example. I promised in my last blog entry months and months ago not to be too busy with life to reasonably check in and post here–as I do love being apart of the Body of Christ here on the blogosphere. Forgive me. 😇
If you follow me on facebook or instagram however, you already know beyond a shadow of the benefit of the doubt that I’ve fallen far short of this our Christian ideal (0sin a.k.a. the State of Grace), particularly this past year, becoming a father (not the ordained kind) out of wedlock.
My girlfriend and I have been on and off for three years now. Our relationship has endured a good deal of culture gap, a painful amount of trivial selfishness on both our parts, her conversion to the Church, which though wasn’t especially difficult is still a conversion nonetheless with all it’s struggles, and my own ongoing conversion and wonder about my vocation having begun this relationship in route back to the place where I found my life; a monastery, where I enjoyed the happiest time of my life.
As my mother used to love to say, “Life is in session.”
On top of experiencing all this wonderful life, I’ve become a professional fighter, and as I’ve mentioned here, now a father of an awesome gift from the Lord in the form of a precious daughter due in May. Wow. All this and a few years ago I thought I was just on my way back to a monastery or onward to seminary.
But I am truly honored. A few days ago I saw all four ventricles of her awesome heart in full force.
Though it’s impossible to put a damper on that, her mother and I still face great concern.
I always hoped if this day ever came to raise my child in a traditional catholic family. This is why, for you precious children reading, you must avoid living in sin and even committing sin like the plague. The Lord does a mindblowing job cleaning up our messes, and no mess is to big for Him; Our Lady Undoer of Knots and all the Saints and Angels–the whole Host of Heaven with Him are also our help from Him on high, but still we are charged in all prudence, and it seems an easy gig and all we really have to do not to make things more difficult for ourselves as we so often do.
I am terrified of the uncertainty present in my outlook as to whether my girlfriend and I are called to a Happy Marriage together, particularly as it affects our daughter.
I’m absolutely torn in half as I cant imagine myself living apart from my daughter while my soul still longs for monastic life, though God is indeed calling me here.
Marriage is a terrible bandaid for a failed relationship. Many a Priest have actually advised me against marrying only for the sake of the child.
I just want things to be simple. They were once so simple.
All i know for certain is to recommit myself to obedience and living in the most delectable state of grace (and there’s my long-lost beloved simplicity),


shunning the cohabitation that I have allowed to cloud my vision until my girlfriend and I can be joined together in Holy Matrimony or the Lord reveals in dedicated prayer and time spent before the Most Blessed Sacrament His will otherwise.
This endeavor however is more than enough for my seemingly insatiable appetite for the Lord’s precious grace; It lights me afire.
Though I’m certainly still not walking by sight, Guiding light illuminates my path–as I look forward to an OH-SEEN-TWENTY-SIXTEEN.
0Sin2016. Back on my guaranteed/certain victory/cant go wrong path. 😇Obedience, Sweet Obedience. Home Sweet Obedience. 0sin2016. #LETSGOCHAMPS !

Good vs Email May 2, 2015

Well, okay, after much internal poking from myself here I am to blog about the not so important event in the life of the Church that may be moreso important than my busy attention appears to me to have time for. Also I rejoice at the provocation to get back to blogging on my very favorite subject.
Although I very much enjoyed this event, the so-called “fight of the century,” a boxing match between the two most legendary fighters of this era in boxing which occured May 2, 2015, it would -were it not for disappointed friends and acquaintances’ good hearts rooting for the opposing fighter to my pick for boxing’s best and therefore representative of the “good side”- leave me this night either praying my office or training for my own possible soon and upcoming boxing matches as I usually blog to my heart’s content only on seemingly “Church related” topics but then again what topic in human affairs is not Church related?
In this current installment of a pastime for some and career for others such as myself the two fighters in boxing’s most watched rivalry have become the picturesque presentation of “good guy vs bad guy” in favor of the fighter who rivals the fighter I have rooted for his entire fairytale (for boxers) of a career.
Having lived on both sides of life, baptized and unbaptized, faithful and unfaithful this contradiction is, to me, at the least, interesting since the goodhearted nature in us as well as any religious background causes us to often root for the underdog who in this case is the great Manny Pacquiao who enters the ring wearing a T-shirt which boldly reads, “Jesus is the name of the Lord.” All this man’s opponents just must be considered “evil” I often state with no small amount of sarcasm to rival the most radicalized Muslim terrorist.
When friends find im rooting for this outspoken believer’s most lusted after opponent they are often vehement and as one recently told me inspiring this blog, “really disappointed.” With my religious background it seems I would not be rooting for Floyd Mayweather who although has always been the underdog to me in spite of an undefeated professional career, along with representing the “haves” (despite coming from the poverty of us have-nots) in our culture, having amassed an insane fortune throughout his illustrious career and flashily lived a lavish and unfrugal lifestyle has been accused of and even convicted of domestic violence which makes even the faintest of hearts whose allegiance lies with the underdog see themselves in the shoes of his opponent administering justice for the most despicable of crimes.
Having come from the lower class, or the “have-nots,” its not difficult for me to understand why athletes all too often receive the attention, careful study and research the Saints deserve. It’s also pretty natural for me to see his seemingly unfrugal or overspending lifestyle (though my devout religion and faith would prevent my cooperation with) as a celebration of escaping poverty and a rejoicing in being a child of God as the super rich and great King Solomon’s figure in our faith may reveal.
It is this attention for the hero who beats poverty with God and hard work that I grew up fighting with prior to my baptism that I maintain in my shared profession with these two fighters and my continued fight against poverty that has placed me in the position to explain to my friends and family and loved ones that this man seen as a “nonbeliever” and a “woman beater” (as one of my dearest Catholic friends protested recently) to the majority of this historic event’s onlookers is actually “one of us.”
I know through and through the struggle to escape poverty which causes many of us to idolize those who were born into poverty and managed to escape it, biding their time whilst overworking and overcoming the odds to be able to use it as a campaign tool for support in further endeavors.
Having converted to our one true faith in my adulthood it is natural also for me to understand why most are rooting for the man in this rivalry whose religious faith and fervor is seemingly more visible, for I have obtained that which is most priceless and renders financial poverty absolutely irrelevant and exposes it for the illusion that it is in the spiritually rich life, giving us the faith to persist in peace in all our battles knowing we shall overcome since we have indeed already. This is the understanding that allows those who endure poverty to even concern themselves with taking sides in a rivalry between two “haves” who no longer struggle with us “havenots” against poverty, it would seem.
Our allegiance arises based on familiarities nationalities and principles that cause us to identify a fighter as one of our own or one of us through whom we vicariously live. We familiarize ourselves with a hero who though many of us have never met is seen as representing or fighting for and with us while inside we silently proclaim, “once a have-not always a have-not,” and mysteriously the huge financial gap between the rooting and the rooted for has disappeared; we now train, prepare and walk in the ring with the underdog for whom we hope and pray, as I have prayed my Rosary before the Most Blessed Sacrament and trained hard living in a state of grace in offering for the one I familiarize myself with and live vicariously through wishing and praying the best for him including forgiveness, safekeeping from sin and victory while praying for the welfare of both competitors.
Still upon viewing the results of recent poles taken in favor of the legend Manny Pacquiao at 59 to 41 percent and some even greater, you may wonder how I can root for the man who is not a known churchgoer vs. the man who is? Whose sins have been more visible to the eye of his fellow human being? Well now we get down to the “nitty-gritty” and full blown defense.
I dont know if my boxing hero has been a “woman beater…” I care….but I also care as much as Jesus Christ cares for your identity and that of my loved ones. I do know Forgiveness…I receive Him in person in Holy Communion in the faith and fidelity of my baptism and I ask my dear friends who refer to one according to any sin they might have had to bear, “are you the name of your sins?” Christianity teaches us that the Lord who will judge all as my hero stated in his post fight interview, does not call us by the name of our sins as does the enemy of our souls and throws them in the “sea of forgetfulness” mentioned in the Holy Bible once we have repented; that a repentant contrite heart He does not spurn. My boxing hero tells us in response to an unnecessary (in my opinion) investigation into his personal life that he asks God’s forgiveness and proclaims that though we as human beings do not forget, God forgives. Many need this investigation. I do not. Maybe its my shared nationality or physically shared attributes that keep my focus on the competition but it is most certainly my faith which tells me the state of my own soul and the eternal need for the Lord Jesus Christ’s mercy; enables me to win wagers turning one talent into two -to see and predict victory for my hero-the athelete and hero who fights poverty (though I still would not withhold my prayers) long before he steps in the ring to fight for his life and legacy and the livelihood of his family. It helps that I know the sport of boxing as a professional myself ( I’m far from what is called a casual boxing fan) but besides our prayers, the Lord leaves much up to us in obtaining our victories as we are blessed and set apart from all creation as most marvelous human beings to be the most intimate coworkers with God. Focus, dedication, determination. As many football and sports teams have traditionally prayed to God for victory…as many husbands and wives compete for the very same good job to provide for their families…my argument insists that the winner of this fight must be just as innocent or guilty or good as you or I…and that God’s favor still gives great meaning to the phrase “may the best man win.”



Add Manny Pacquiao to the list :)


Are We All Mystics? Are We Not? ;)

The Church will make you a mystic!

Yes indeed. For the deeds we are called to perform do indeed bring Heaven upon earth.
Deeds like sharing the message of the Gospel and charitable work; assisting in the healing of broken hearts…various forms of annointing the sick…and reconciliation weather by the Sacrament of Holy Orders or the reparation of broken relationships…
Even a well lived protestant-Christian faith causes a man or woman to appear mystical and otherworldly to most pilgrims here on earth. For their actions inspire us to higher ideals and reality and their charity carries with it the very aroma of Heaven here where the odor of selfishness often fights to prevail.
But for us who have been blessed to find the true center of the World in the True Faith
we can hope to experience the most marvelous and the most awesome of mysticism…for
Among the most other-worldly seeming deeds are prayer with Angels and Saints.
It is all too easily forgotten that as with all other Catholic tradition, our Blessed Lord practiced this Catholic-Christian custom even before us setting Himself apart often to pray and be ministered to by His Angels and even in the marvelous Transfiguration conversing with Moses the giver of the Law and Elijah the great prophet.
Nowaday the scoff at Christians is heard louder and louder with the growing roar of relativism, atheism and so-called realism…You may have witnessed the popularity of shows like Bill Mahr’s “Real Time” where He often pokes fun at and even flat out condescends Christians calling even protestant prayer which is thought of being in Conversation with God alone akin to schizophrenia.
But for us lovers of the true faith we know and believe shamelessly in the presence of the Angels of God whom the Christ assures us are with us, and we rest assured in the intercession of His Saints who are no doubt mystically there for us with the Angels as Moses and Elijah were for our Lord’s glorification at the incredible Transfiguration; their simultaneous existence before the Lord our God in Heaven and powerful help here on earth, though contested by some protestant sects is reassured by our Lord Jesus Christ Himself as He states, “their Angels in Heaven always look upon the Face of My Heavenly Father…as the Angel Gabriel who made His Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary states, “I am Gabriel who stand in the presence of God! (Galatians 1:19), and as again our Lord Himself stated with His dying breath to the “Good Thief” Saint Dismus on the Cross at Calvary, “Today you shall be WITH ME in paradise,” and as we therefore say to our Holy Mother in the “Hail Mary,” …”The Lord is WITH THEE!”
We know the presence of the mystical is true as we continue our Christian pilgramage as the mystical Body of Christ called to be His Hands and Feet here on earth in solidarity with His/our Lord’s answer to the protestant question, “How can the bread and wine of the Mass be the true food and real drink—the actual Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ and not a mere symbol but True and truly present in the most Blessed Sacrament whom we receive in Holy Communion at Mass,” and we know and hold fast with increasing faith to this the supernatural and mystical experience of His One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic answer to the so-called realist question, “How can they be visible here whilst standing before God in Heaven,” as we pray at every Mass in the Lord’s prayer, “on earth as it is in Heaven!”
So may we rejoice in and share the good news of the mystical encounters of our Blessed Lord delivering the message of His Sacred Heart to the ever-seeking Saint Margaret Mary; the message of His Divine Mercy to His precious Messenger of Mercy, Saint Faustina; the infinitely mystical Saint Clare and His mystical reign in His and Her gift of the Interior Castle and the words of the Blessed Virgin Mary to the three shepherd children at Fatima, “I am from Heaven.” =)
imgresSacred-Heart-and-MMst-rita images

Going to see the King.

He has shown His (Sacred & Holy) Face.

It’s all over — I forget all my gripes.
All My strivings cease-
-before his true Highness in His presence beyond ALL manner-before His Holy Face.
The Sun has risen (Indeed).
In ALL His (Heavenly) Glory!
Though your sins be as scarlett,
they shall surely be as white as snow.

I felt like Simeon.

He does exist indeed. I have swallowed Truth with mine own eyes–through them I have consumed the Holy Sacrifice – the bread of Angels with my whole heart.
All the truth of his Holy Church has been confirmed for me.
All She proclaims is Truth–Is Him-Her/our Bridegroom
who indeed has come to redeem us and marry us–clean us up and make us His own.

It’s not even been a half-hour, and already
I am overwhelmed with His Grace.
Already I am twice risen from the dead having been first upon sight of Him- slain in the Spirit as protestants say but can only allude to in my opinion –having experienced their exclamation as a convert myself which describes being finished with life of sin, and then having been filled with joy, and life and vitality being in His presence. I am feeling the difference between the Wise Men guided by the Star on their way to Him and the Wise Men arrived THERE Before His Mother & the King–ever Newborn. The difference between being On their way their and being THERE before Him the Saviour of the world. I am so glad to have arrived.

I am suspended.

No wonder they say people (the Saints) levitate or have levitated — (Leviticus) — I feel as though I am–or I might or I will eventually sitting here barely able to stay in my chair and soon to be on my knees in adoration.

Now I am content to just close my eyes and breathe–
inhale through my nose the air –the sweet air that surrounds Him and us here in the chapel.
Here is life.

Oh I am (usually/all too often) Saint Martha—worried about many things…Lord…not now of course but all too often–before You have strengthened my faith with Your Holy Presence-which assures me nothing is wrong–all is well–for You have or will fix Everything.

The last half-hour has disappeared…in the Presence of the King. He gives us here before Him the strength to -carry our cross- do our mission whatever it may be.
The strength to reach out of ourselves to others either in prayer or in loving action.
All we have to do is come before Him.

Yes, I can do all (whatever) that You ask of me Lord-If you Send me, then How could I not? For the devil himself would have to stop me and Saint Michael and your Angels would fight for me as they did for Moses and even if my mortal life ended my mission from Heaven would be as a grain of wheat that falls to the floor and bears much fruit-accomplished.


The trials of Farver Phil


All Along the Watchtower

Farver Phil has had a rethink about his theological position, in so far as he can determine one as being definitive, and wishes to share his “thoughts” with us.

rev phil

Well, there really is no gratitude, and I know Jesus said we would have to carry the odd cross or two, but can he have had any idea of how hard it is to deal with people when you are a bishop? It was OK for him, he was just an itinerant preacher – good bloke, don’t get me wrong, but he never had to put up with ingratitude from his closest followers now, did he?  OK, I know that Judas bloke was tempted by the devil, but you know, modern theologians say we can’t blame him, so that’s no parallel to the betrayal I have suffered.

If you have been keeping up with me, you’ll know that I am a…

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Advice to the Pope

Clever, crafty little snake starts out as a serpent in the beginning of the Bible….cursed to eat dust all his days….(and God made man from dust-from dust you came to dust you shall return)…by the end of the Bible he is seen as the great dragon. This is why. #TheTowerOfBabel #AuthorOfConfusion #TheGreatDeceiver #DivideAndCounquer #Genesis11:7 #Leviticus26:33 #Ezekiel22:15. “I am with whoever stands with the Bishop of Rome.” S.t Robert Bellarmine.

All Along the Watchtower

Now that he is a Catholic, the Rev Phil Cringeworthy has released the following communication to the Pope:

Dear Frank,

You seem an OK kinda guy, so let’s shove all this Pope stuff shall we, like one of your faves here in the UK, old Bazza (Lofty) Loftus, I’m sure you want to dispense with all the flummery – hey, I hear you even kept your own shoes – which is groovy with me.

Maybe Bazza and Vinny have sent you the good news that I’m now a Catholic – yes, Farver Phil (good way of avoiding the patriarchal stuff, and as it isn’t technically ‘Father’, it gets us round that stuff about not calling any man that) has brought his vast experience of kissing Korans and dancing round trees to your good self; you lucky, luck bishop of Rome.

Now, you’ll agree with old Justin (you know the funny…

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I’ll Be Back.

In November I became a truck-driver. In the addition to the cross-country life, the 14hour days and life in session i’ve failed my commitment to shout from the mountaintops here on the blogosphere and have been doing so more conveniently on facebook ( However, having a bit of time off from work to deal with a medical issue (please pray for me), i’d like to renew my commitment to get here at least once a month.

If there is one thing i’d like to blog about right now,which keeps my eye always on the prize, it would be the necessity of the Blessed Mother’s role in our Salvation in Christ Jesus our Lord and our God which of course always leads us to perfect Communion with God. And so The greatest thing I can think to share right now, which most consumes my mind currently is the most marvelous message of Fatima. And here are some links. If they aren’t accessible please copy and paste into your browser. =)

Our Lady of Fatima on Fox News.

Our Lady of Akita Japan.

Beautiful Prayer from the link above:

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, truly present in the Holy Eucharist, I consecrate my body and soul to be entirely one with Your Heart, being sacrificed at every instant on all the altars of the world and giving praise to the Father, pleading for the coming of His Kingdom. Please receive this humble offering of myself. Use me as You will for the glory of the Father and the salvation of souls.

Most Holy Mother of God. Never let me be separated from Your Divine Son. Please defend and protect me as Your special child. Amen.”

Here’s a beautiful true story and the Most Spectacular Poem i’ve ever seen.

And here’s some hope for the future from a rising “star” in music–

If you can’t catch me warming in my barrio
I’m with my litas praying the Rosario!!!!!!!!!! Wuuuuuht !!!! =D Amen ;)  Check out how she reps Our Lady! She rocks a shirt with the Virgin on it! Praise Jesus. Thank God for the few and the proud who keep God alive in a world that drifts steadily toward Godlessness and the few who know our Blessed Mother-the World’s Last hope to turn Hearts to the Lord. Praise Jesus.


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