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2 out of 3 of the 1st Respondents (to 9/11) were catholics.

Going to see the King.

He has shown His (Sacred & Holy) Face.

It’s all over — I forget all my gripes.
All My strivings cease-
-before his true Highness in His presence beyond ALL manner-before His Holy Face.
The Sun has risen (Indeed).
In ALL His (Heavenly) Glory!
Though your sins be as scarlett,
they shall surely be as white as snow.

I felt like Simeon.

He does exist indeed. I have swallowed Truth with mine own eyes–through them I have consumed the Holy Sacrifice – the bread of Angels with my whole heart.
All the truth of his Holy Church has been confirmed for me.
All She proclaims is Truth–Is Him-Her/our Bridegroom
who indeed has come to redeem us and marry us–clean us up and make us His own.

It’s not even been a half-hour, and already
I am overwhelmed with His Grace.
Already I am twice risen from the dead having been first upon sight of Him- slain in the Spirit as protestants say but can only allude to in my opinion –having experienced their exclamation as a convert myself which describes being finished with life of sin, and then having been filled with joy, and life and vitality being in His presence. I am feeling the difference between the Wise Men guided by the Star on their way to Him and the Wise Men arrived THERE Before His Mother & the King–ever Newborn. The difference between being On their way their and being THERE before Him the Saviour of the world. I am so glad to have arrived.

I am suspended.

No wonder they say people (the Saints) levitate or have levitated — (Leviticus) — I feel as though I am–or I might or I will eventually sitting here barely able to stay in my chair and soon to be on my knees in adoration.

Now I am content to just close my eyes and breathe–
inhale through my nose the air –the sweet air that surrounds Him and us here in the chapel.
Here is life.

Oh I am (usually/all too often) Saint Martha—worried about many things…Lord…not now of course but all too often–before You have strengthened my faith with Your Holy Presence-which assures me nothing is wrong–all is well–for You have or will fix Everything.

The last half-hour has disappeared…in the Presence of the King. He gives us here before Him the strength to -carry our cross- do our mission whatever it may be.
The strength to reach out of ourselves to others either in prayer or in loving action.
All we have to do is come before Him.

Yes, I can do all (whatever) that You ask of me Lord-If you Send me, then How could I not? For the devil himself would have to stop me and Saint Michael and your Angels would fight for me as they did for Moses and even if my mortal life ended my mission from Heaven would be as a grain of wheat that falls to the floor and bears much fruit-accomplished.


The trials of Farver Phil


Advice to the Pope

Clever, crafty little snake starts out as a serpent in the beginning of the Bible….cursed to eat dust all his days….(and God made man from dust-from dust you came to dust you shall return)…by the end of the Bible he is seen as the great dragon. This is why. #TheTowerOfBabel #AuthorOfConfusion #TheGreatDeceiver #DivideAndCounquer #Genesis11:7 #Leviticus26:33 #Ezekiel22:15. “I am with whoever stands with the Bishop of Rome.” S.t Robert Bellarmine.

I’ll Be Back.

In November I became a truck-driver. In the addition to the cross-country life, the 14hour days and life in session i’ve failed my commitment to shout from the mountaintops here on the blogosphere and have been doing so more conveniently on facebook ( However, having a bit of time off from work to deal with a medical issue (please pray for me), i’d like to renew my commitment to get here at least once a month.

If there is one thing i’d like to blog about right now,which keeps my eye always on the prize, it would be the necessity of the Blessed Mother’s role in our Salvation in Christ Jesus our Lord and our God which of course always leads us to perfect Communion with God. And so The greatest thing I can think to share right now, which most consumes my mind currently is the most marvelous message of Fatima. And here are some links. If they aren’t accessible please copy and paste into your browser. =)

Our Lady of Fatima on Fox News.

Our Lady of Akita Japan.

Beautiful Prayer from the link above:

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, truly present in the Holy Eucharist, I consecrate my body and soul to be entirely one with Your Heart, being sacrificed at every instant on all the altars of the world and giving praise to the Father, pleading for the coming of His Kingdom. Please receive this humble offering of myself. Use me as You will for the glory of the Father and the salvation of souls.

Most Holy Mother of God. Never let me be separated from Your Divine Son. Please defend and protect me as Your special child. Amen.”

Here’s a beautiful true story and the Most Spectacular Poem i’ve ever seen.

And here’s some hope for the future from a rising “star” in music–

If you can’t catch me warming in my barrio
I’m with my litas praying the Rosario!!!!!!!!!! Wuuuuuht !!!! =D Amen ;)  Check out how she reps Our Lady! She rocks a shirt with the Virgin on it! Praise Jesus. Thank God for the few and the proud who keep God alive in a world that drifts steadily toward Godlessness and the few who know our Blessed Mother-the World’s Last hope to turn Hearts to the Lord. Praise Jesus.

Very intriguing and very helpful towards Christian Unity. :)

NOT just a vessel.

As we stare at the Holy Manger scene and begin to recollect with all of human history before us how awesome and Blessed (Luke 1:48) was the Virgin, we give thanks for our salvation, and we can thank God and Her in the face of the trials wherewith She underwent much trouble of Heart (“She was greatly troubled….Joseph sought to divorce Her quietly”), that there was one among us worthy to bear the Messiah.
She IS the door through which the fullness of God entered into human history, became flesh and dwelt among us.
Protestantism would have you to believe contrary to Church teaching (and contrary to the Gospel), that Mary is no greater or different than you and I or any other human being whilst the Church teaches and has taught for centuries the common sense that Mary, the New Eve, was like Eve, created without sin and that God/the Lord Jesus preserved Her from all sin and from the stain of original sin which is removed in our Trinitarian Baptism; that She is God’s greatest creation (remember the Lord Jesus Her Son who chose to be born of the Sinless Virgin is not created but begotten God from God) and the crown and champion of Humanity, God’s crowning achievement…His Mother…according to history and not preceeding Him of course for the sake of those Christians who yell “blaspheme, how can God have a mother!?”
But indeed this is how He chose to come into our lives AND our hearts…through the Immaculate Virgin who IS the Immaculate Conception the only HUMAN BEING born free of sin by nature of Her Holy mission to right where our first parents erred causing us to inherit sin and instead pave the way to accepting Christ over the fears and seduction of the world.
It is fitting therefore, mindful of what lies hidden in the pregnant womb of the Virgin that the Church call Her the Gate of Heaven since Him who is Her fruit is all of Heaven the Word of God made flesh, and also to know Her as the “Mother of all the living who keep the Commandments and bear the testimony of Her Son


Jesus Christ (Rev.12:17),” as Eve was known as the Mother of sinners with Adam- our first parents.
Christ the 2nd Adam as St. Paul mentions is accompanied in the world by none other than the first to receive Him, the New Eve who said “Yes” to God where Eve said “NO” and brought humility and life through Her yes where Eve had brought the curse of sin and death.
Protestantism, however supposes that Mary, rather than having found favor with God as the Scripture states, was merely used as a means to the Greater End as though She had No choice in the matter…as though God knows not how to reward His servants. Countless times in the Gospel however it is revealed to us that the Lord promises us power and glory AND honor who overcome the world in Him and give up our lives for His sake …and even more…for “each will receive His (or Her) reward due Him according to his deeds done in the body” and we do indeed believe in the resurrection of the Body.
Christ declared to the lowly thief who converted “on His deathbed,” if you will,”Today, you shall be WITH ME In Paradise!” So where do we suppose is His Mother and what of Her reward? Is it so absurd that the Church believes what has been revealed to Her by Christ Her Bridegroom, that Mary, as Elijah and Moses appeared with Jesus at the transfiguration- thought dead long before Christ had come revealing God as “not the God of the dead but of the Living,” more alive than you and I, or “in a better place as we say at the loss of a loved one, is present with the Lord as spoken in Luke’s “Hail Mary” and can do the same as She did in the Gospel of John, on earth as it is in Heaven, interceeding on behalf of our worldly comcerns and moving omnipotence, if you will? …getting God to act, though it be NOT HIS TIME or seemingly Against His will as Moses was able to divert the Lord’s Holy and Just Will on behalf of those He sought pity for who knew God NOT as he knew Him?
Even upon understanding what a powerful position was Mary’s on earth (John 2:5 it was good and helpful to know the Queen), you might still ask as is often asked from the protestant perspective, “why the need for intercession when I CAN truly go to the King directly? To which I must ask “why did God command Job’s accusers to “go to Job and to ASK Him to pray for them that they might be forgiven?” Or why do you ask each other’s prayers and well wishes and lack reverence for those more alive than us if “the prayer of a righteous hath great power in it’s effect?” Do we suppose that scripture only includes prayers from those alive on earth? And moreover does your direct link to a person in the world of “who you know” make ineffective or cause the greatest most direct door in salvation history to be of no effect or use any longer? Or does it cause another of His channels or emmisaries to no longer be or have a way to the King? Mother Teresa’s special attention for the poor would be of no avail to us or St. Damian’s special care for the sick and their classic example and strength for those who strive for the grand prize in the Communion of the Saints???
On the opposite end of Christendom with us who receive Christ with Church teaching as inseparable from the Word much as Mary is from our redemption which we cannot mention without Her since She verifies Christs humanity which verifies  our salvation, Mary is even called the Queen of Heaven as the Davidic King beginning with Solomon prepared a throne for His/the Queen Mother to rule with and beside him presenting the needs of the people before him and having the ear of the King and being ABLE to interceed on behalf of the people who attained Her Service and knew Her Maternal care; they honored and loved the place of the Queen Mother.
Of course as protestantism supposes we can go straight and directly to the King, but not as though the Queen was not in appearance arrayed in Gold for it is Her Holy human humility you must imitate…even if you did not speak a word to Her or acknowledge Her presence…Her heavenly purity you must desire to approach Him which He bestows on us as He did first Her.
You’ll often hear of protestants’ discouraging of the honor and devotion to Mary the Mother of the Christ/Mother of the Crucifed, Mother of the Messiah which is confused with worship, with the statement, She was “just a vessell” -a sinner like you and I- which is indeed the equivalent of calling the Ark of the Covenant “just a box” and moreover a discounting of God’s masterpiece in sinless Mary the Mother of humanity redeemed.
This reason alone, this beautiful Christmas season should be enough to honor Her and this receove Him as did She and to contemplate Her place in Heaven (as our’s) and human history as the Church and God sees fit but most of all as we stare at the Manger and sing Noel, we see in Holy Communion, and Christ truly, fully and substantially present there, the pinnacle of our Christian faith, that Mary Is also THERE and in our Hearts …just as She was at the Sacred scene of the Manger in the Nativity, inseparable, tender and mild having welcomed the Christ Child ….and therefore for that glorious opportunity to be profoundly, most intimately united with our God beyond all other manner, receiving what we worship in Christ’s Mass, that Wise Men STILL find Him WITH His Mother.
Oh Mother of the King, speak to God for us as you did when He changed water to wine at your request though He stated it was not yet His time, as we continue to pray for Christian unity that together we might with ONE voice for the world, as ONE Body in Christ acclaim your Son Whom you testified to the world was truly and indeed conceived of the Holy Spirit, God with us. Show us and our loved ones how to receive Him the Word of God made flesh as you did in the face of fear and welcomed ridicule and persecution, and to behold Him  always with profound gaze Crucified for our sins and making possible our redemption. Show us also how to choose His Will over our own which we so often do not want to do. Amen.

Christian Unity…the Journey Home.


Im all for Christian unity. My Heart’s constant striving and prayer even when i’m silent and preaching the Gospel without words as St. Francis prescribes for some times, is to unite what Satan has divided in the hearts of so many of us descendents and recipients of Church protest and schism and church recreation and new foundation to the point we are so many (near 40 thousand) different denominations of Christianity which due to equal amount of different government and organization fail to agree on Christian moral issues as fundamental as abortion and child baptism (yes some Christians okay abortion and contraception if you didn’t know, and many dont believe in baptising children…St. Francis pray for us…) and even the Sabbath day.


How can a Christian be sure he or she is following the prescription Christ gave His Church for way life and cure of our fallen human condition and highway to Heaven with so many churches disconnected and some even false?


We catholics know that where the Bishop is THERE is the Church….but some of these “churches” ordain bishops of their own!-and with no reverence or comprehension of the Bishop of Rome. Ah Rome Sweet Home…another stumbling block…Lord have mercy….The easiest way of course would be for the Christian to recognize the solidarity of the Church’s constant consistent vehement battle against the culture of death and protection of life while Her non-catholic wayward lost children who ran way from home or were led away or inherited away- speculate and argue amongst themselves over issues like fetal stem-cell research, euthanasia/assisted suicide, all of which the Successor to Saint Peter, Supreme Pastor who sits in the seat of Moses by Christ’s annointing of His dearest friend Prince of the Apostles (“If you love Me Peter, feed My Sheep….You (Simon) are rock, and upon THIS rock I will build My Church”), The Bishop of Rome-not old pagan Rome but Rome as horn of salvation to the world, The Pope, has spoken a loud Holy Spirit guided and decisive “NO!” for the children of God in Christ and all humanity…No wonder a billion Catholic Christians all over the world crowd around him as the early Christians did around St. Peter during their persecutions. “I am with whoever stands with Peter,” or “Where Peter is therefore, there is the Church.” St. Robert Bellarmine.


Yes of course my heart yearns for Christian unity. Of course it prays and toils to reconfigure the Body of Christ separated in faith and morals and way of life to the proper prescribed way of life Christ gave unto His Church-His Bride to navigate us with certainty to Heaven.


However, a love for history and study of Church history i.e. how the earliest Christians worshipped, must be fostered over the complacent place/view of modern day Christians oblivious to the so-called “Re-formation” being actually a De-formation of the Body of Christ now scattered and often barely united by common Trinitarian Baptism and morality to worship in the way that suits their lifestyle or reasoning whatever that lifestyle or reasoning may be or however disconnected from the Gospel and conformed to the anti-christian/anti-God world which protestantism succeded in opening the door for introducing alternative lifestyles for would-be Christians called to one in particular… Blessed Cardinal John Henry Newman’s timeless quote “To be steeped in history is to cease to be protestant” must hurl the truest goal of humanity before our minds and soften the heart of anti-catholicism to her chauvanistic little brothers… the question “did the Church give us the Bible or did the Bible give us the Church” must be answered.


….otherwise …let me get this straight ;) you’re saying for Christian unity you want me to join a church that doesnt honour the Mother of Christ as Mother of the Church the 2nd Eve (have you ever walked into a man’s house and not seen a picture of his Mother? Would  it truly be different in the House of God/Jesus who upheld Moses and the Prophets of the Old Covenant and their place in order in salvation history and God’s divine design before His fulfillment? Does “on earth as it is in Heaven hold no weight here?  …despite His dying words?), And you would have me join a church who doesn’t baptise it’s children despite His words rebuking those who would prevent this, doesn’t believe in the priesthood of Jesus Christ which feeds the Lord’s Sheep with His actual Body and Blood of the New Covenant the Lamb of God in His Apostles and their ordained successors fulfilling the Old Covenant (John 20:21-23, Luke 22:15-19, ICor.11:23-30, Heb. 7:17-27, Gen. 14:18), doesn’t honour the Passover and if it does in some shape or form doesn’t believe in the Real Presence since it doesn’t believe in the priesthood, ….hmm..i think i’ll take my Mother and My Pope, all 7 Sacraments of Christ’s Church (not just 1 or 2) including my Most Blessed Sacrament-Christ truly present beyond all other manner, Body and Blood Soul and Divinity in the Holy Eucharist, and i’ll pray Saint Peter will call my name as Coldplay sings. ;)



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